Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The only thing that could have made me happy happened.

I've had a pretty shit week. I'm not going into the details lest I actually burst into tears, throw my computer into my new TV and then displace my anger onto some undeserving inanimate object.

Let's just say that like all ex-boyfriends, mine's a complete douche bag.

And just when I thought that life was bleak, there was no point to anything anymore, and l--e was the dirtiest fucking word that should never be uttered ever again, there came hope.

Hope in the form of two kids in Paris trying to take a walk through an airport.

This was taken in Paris, as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart made their way to their private plane. They are in Europe on a press tour for New Moon and they are obviously holding hands. Some might argue that it's more of KStew clutching onto RPattz's arm, but knowing how the two of them shied away from any sort of physical interaction over the past two years as to avoid fueling the rumors, I think this is pretty legit. Kristen wouldn't just randomly hold his hand like she would any other friend because of the connotations behind this simple action. The both of them are much too smart for this to be accidental. I'm not sure they knew the paparazzi were watching, and if they did which they should assume since they are followed everywhere, it's like a huge FUCK YOU to the media. Good for them, they look adorable. There are a shit ton of other pictures, and they look so happy. So good for them, someone deserves to be happy.

The cynic in me thinks that relationships don't last, especially in Hollywood, but I hope they are enjoying each other's company because happiness is fleeting. I really like them together. They just seem to get each other. And the dreamer in me thinks that is enough sometimes.

I like to call this picture, the day Robsten made the Twilight world stand still. Also known as the day millions of girls hearts shattered. It's sad, but now they know how I feel.

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