Thursday, July 30, 2009

Follow up post: SBTB Reunion, we made it happen!

I'm not so sure that I made it happen, but I certainly prayed for it every night before bed and signed the online petition, so I'm gonna take the credit.

I'm so heading to Costco to buy this shit tomorrow when it comes out on newsstands. I have to, it's my favorite television series of all time. Like, the only thing that will come close is when they have The OC reunion (really, what is that cast up to these days other than Ben McKenzie who was on southLAnd and Cam Gigandet who is freaking so hot right now), if they can get Mischa Barton sober...which, well not looking so good right about now. She's turned into the real life Marissa Cooper in that episode she got all drugged up in Mexico and was almost taken advantage of by those seedy Mexican men. Let's hope she doesn't get Volchoked again (I heart you Cam!).

I digress.

People magazine is total win, first RPattz last week with the scintillating headline "HIS MESSY LOVE LIFE: hookups, rumors, and a love triangle-but what he really wants is his costar" and now this!

A. That kind of speculative commentary will put you firmly on my good side, People Mag.
B. Saved by the FUCKING Bell! I love that Dustin Diamond was excluded from this...probably because he is a filthy individual who makes porn for sexual deviants and because he seems like a major doucher. But I ask, where is Mr. Belding, Dennis Haskins? He was one of the first people who agreed to do the reunion.

Mark-Paul looks gorgeous as usual, Mario looks way better now than in his Slater days (he's probably the most visible cast member today), Elizabeth actually looks decent although everyone remembers her now as Nomi Malone in Showgirls (won't ever live that one down, Jessie). Lark has had some rhinoplasty or something because her midface just isn't right, but she looks okay compared to before. Tiffani's weave could go, but she looks aight too.

All hail Jimmy Fallon by the way, I cannot wait until he has the whole cast on his show. I bow down to you, Mr. Fallon.

B-B-Buh-buh-B, GO BAYSIDE!

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