Thursday, April 30, 2009

Save Amy!

It's healthy to ditch class now and then--Edward Cullen

On 4/27/09, in the vein of the great Ferris Bueller, I took the day off.

It is true that there was no singing Danke Shoen or Twist and Shout while wearing lederhosen on a Steuben Day (yeah, I don't know what that is either) parade float and we did not meet Abe Froman, sausage king of Chicago; but, let me tell you, plenty happened.

The irony was that I woke up at 5 AM, much earlier than I wake up for my current rotation. We made our way over to Firefly in Westport to attend the Buzz's Kegs & Eggs with Franz Ferdinand. I like Franz Ferdinand, not only because I appreciate their brand of upbeat alt pop rock, but because they named their band after an archduke. Not only any archduke, the one who's assassination started WWI.

Plus, their song Michael is the sexiest, hottest song ever.

But I digress. The band started playing 3.5 hours after we arrived. At least we got some subpar breakfast while we waited. They played an acoustic set of four...count 'em...four songs. That's one song for every hour we were there. Ulysses, Take Me Out, No You Girls, and Dark of the Matinee. On a whim, my friends went up to say hi to a local radio personality and she gave them free concert tickets to the Franz show. Totally made this the best senior cut day since the time when Zack had to keep Jessie and Slater apart at the Max because she was totally into that douchy environmentalist Graham. GO HOME PLASTIC FOAM!


Best. Show. Ever.

It was like a little over an hour of nonstop dancing and singing and sweating. The show literally made me feel young again. They sounded so much better than they do recorded, like I am totally obsessed with the live version of Ulysses and Auf Ausche. I'm not usually attracted to men who are skinnier than me (and that's not saying much), but I said this about Alex Kapranos: "He looks so sexy, I think I just got pregnant."

Best part of the night was that they played MICHAEL! That and the closing encore of This Fire, were the best two songs of the night. Take Me Out was of course a high energy crowd pleaser, as was No You Girls and Do You Wanna? but they played my song! Swoon.

Afterwards, we waited like groupies outside their tour buses. They finally appeared as I was stuffing one of Joe's garlic breadsticks down my throat. Of course.

Despite my garlicky breath of death, I stiff-armed some 17 year olds to talk to Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy.

Me: OhmigodI'msohappyyouplayedMICHAELcuzitslikemyfavoritesongever!

Alex: Uhh...great. Yeah. Cheers (or something equally as British, couldn't remember, I was freaking out).
This is what happens when you ask a rando 16 year old kid to take your picture with the lead singer.

Nick broke his foot, and I told him to keep off of it and elevate it. He of course, having already sought out medical opinion, knew this. He also knew about RICE. Good for you, Nick, good for you.

In conclusion, take day off, go to free concert, get free concert tickets, go to free concert, meet rockstars.

The moral of the story is don't stay in school, kids. Life is fun.

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