Sunday, April 26, 2009

this is so going on my blog...

While thinking up titles for my blog this morning, being a wholly original person, I thought how about a play on words? Way to have an original thought, right?

This is my third blog. This time I've partaken because I'm totally copying Brandon and Barney Stinson (that guy's awesome). You know what they say about imitation and flattery and all that.

My first one, the eleventh grade debut "It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the bell" was not only a blatant copyright infringement, but also a whole mouthful to say. The second still semi-active one is KC Foodie. At least that one is self-explanatory.

For this new foray into the blogosphere, the only specification I had was that I wanted a one word title--short and to the point. Which is the opposite of the writing style of this blog.

First, I thought of words that had the letters ENT in them, as tribute to my chosen medical specialty. Umm yeah, big mistake. Do you know how many words have the letters ENT in them? A lot...and actually when I was thinking up usernames for this Otolaryngology website I used to visit, I was going to choose studENT because it spells out stud ENT. I am very creative.

Words that almost made the cut: precedENT, anteceDENT, resiDENT, testamENT, lamENT, inclemENT, even indecENT. The last one would still be in the running except that I always get a mental picture of Demi Moore and Robert Redford doing it when I hear that word.

The ENT thing would be fine except, I will probably not blog about medicine, so it's pretty moot to give tribute to ENT without ever talking about it. That hardly seems fair.

Next, I looked for words with the letters A-M-Y in them. After rejecting monogamy, bigamy, and polygamy, I found the perfect word.

Cockamamy. I know, right? And yes, you can spell it that way.

Definition: ridiculous, pointless, or nonsensical.

If this blog isn't that, I don't know what it is.

Blogger wouldn't let me have the title. I searched for another blog thinking some amazing person had already beaten me to it, but nothing. Will they not let me have the title because it has the word cock in it? That's unfair, I'm sure they'd let someone have the words title or titular or proclitic or cliticize. And then there's my favorite word with my name in it, chlamydia. Fun for everyone. Honestly though, those words are much dirtier than cock am amy.

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