Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good night, New Moon

I never actually got around to writing about Dawn’s and my New Moon adventure, which took place on the night of the New Moon premiere way back on November 19, 2009. So I'm only like two months behind. Let me just preface this by saying that there was a ton of buildup to the movie, like I read every blog post, watched every interview, bought every magazine that featured the RPattz. Did you guys see that Vanity Fair spread? Jeebus. The six months of build up culminated in our celebration. I mean, I don’t think I’d ever been this excited for a movie’s premiere since Titanic and that’s only because I loved me some Leo DiCaprio when I was 13. Who am I kidding, I still love him. But I digress, I bought tickets for the midnight showing six weeks in advance for this latest Twilight installment and still didn’t even get the best seats. That's how big this thing is.

People are apeshit for this saga. And for Robert Pattinson, which is obviously warranted because he's sexy.

Anyway, Dawn’s parents were in town, so they graciously invited me to dinner with them at Gordon Biersch. I started the evening as I commence most evenings, in an extremely decadent fashion, partaking in lobster mac and cheese action. I really couldn’t concentrate on the dinner though since we were about to see New Moon! RPattz! I’m a fangirl in the worse sense.

Dawn and I attended the one night only repeat showing of Twilight at 8 PM along with some other die hards, but I think our theater was pretty tame. There were a few girls wearing Team Edward shirts, some with Twilight paraphernalia, but overall nothing crazy. I mean, we didn’t have anyone dress up like Alice or Rosalie or anything like that. Dawn and I certainly wouldn’t be caught dead in costume, just in case that shit ended up on the internet or something. Could you imagine? We’d never live it down. I'm a huge fan, but I ain't willing to compromise my dignity.

After the first movie was over, we headed back to my place for a power nap, which shows you how pathetic and old we are. I couldn’t even make it to midnight without a nap. But in my defense, I was two days post call, so I was already exhausted.

By the time we were back to the theater for the premiere, I was in full form though, and super duper excited. That’s right, super duper. We bought souvenir cups of soda, which was definitely needed to boost energy, and plus I like drinking from a cup with RPattz's face on it. That's only a little disturbing to me, BTW.

And then the magic started. First, we were rewarded with a trailer for Robert Pattinson’s upcoming Remember Me, which but for Evil Tess, looks like it’s going to be moderately good. I do love Chris Cooper’s acting and Pierce Brosnan is a silver fox. And I want to see Letters to Juliet because A. I like Amanda Seyfried and B. They played Taylor Swift’s Love Story in the trailer. Whoever made that happen is a genius.

When the movie started with that huge image of the yellow moon eclipsing, I about peed myself, it was so exciting. And thoughts on the movie?

It was phenomenal, for what the material is. I mean, you have to remember, this is Twilight, not Gone with the Wind. Chris Weitz, who was already one of my favorite directors because of About a Boy and American Pie, did an incredible job bringing the book to life. It was so accurate, and even though most people who hadn’t seen the movie argued that it was slow and boring, that’s how it was in the book. New Moon is my least favorite of the saga, but the movie kicked ass because it was true to the story.

Edward leaving Bella was so painful, I definitely teared up. Plus, Edward's tweed suit was just so severe. The wardrobe was a little awkward, not gonna lie. Except the shirtless part, that was completely necessary. Speaking of shirtless, you really felt Taylor Lautner’s Jacob growing in his role as Bella’s best friend and burgeoning love interest.

The movie obviously needed more Pattinson, but I mean, that’s just the nature of how it went down in the book. My favorite scene was definitely when he was walking towards her in slow motion for the first time. I died. He’s gorgeous.

I thought Kristen Stewart did a much better job this time around, especially in the very notable passing months scene, where she looks dead. Plus, they paired that scene with the very haunting Lykke Li tune, Possibility. The soundtrack is fantastic, by the way, I mean Slow Life by Grizzly Bear is one of the saddest songs I’ve heard in a while. And Roslyn by Bon Iver? Perfection.

Billy Burke was very cute as Chief Swan again, and Ashley Greene was definitely more like the Alice I envisioned whilst reading the book this time around. And the Volturi were cast perfectly. I mean, Michael Sheen is an amazing actor, as is Dakota Fanning, and they were all super creepy.

And jeebus, Taylor Lautner’s abs. That’s all I can say until he turns 18. Only like two weeks, right?

The movie was much funnier this time around, which was nice because it is a serious book. People were laughing in the theater at a lot of parts that probably weren’t supposed to be funny, but it was midnight and we were at a freaking showing of Twilight.

I don’t want to ruin the ending for anyone, but OMG can you say cliffhanger? Loved it! I've seen the movie three times in theaters, once by myself. First movie I've ever seen by myself.

This makes me very excited for Eclipse, although I feel like the excitement has died down quite a bit since New Moon was released. In part, I think it’s because RPattz and KStew have been laying low (except over the New Year’s holiday) and after the press tour they’ve been MIA. Also, everyone in the cast has been involved in different projects, including Taylor Lautner's movie Valentine's Day with ex-gf Taylor Swift...I seriously will be like the first in line for this movie. It's about my birthday! And it has Bradley Cooper! And Patrick Dempsey! And Hector Elizondo! And George Lopez! Wait, what?

Anyway, we eventually went to Burger King to grab some New Moon gift cards (I got the Edward one, obvs), and I think the manager felt second hand embarrassed for the two grown women who were buying Twilight gift cards that he gave us the fan pack with trading cards for free. I appreciated that. I really wanted to steal the Edward cut out from outside the BK. Somehow I think the King would show up outside my window though and that would not be cool. That guy scares the shite out of me.

Anyway, June 30, I am there at the theater. Eclipse was my favorite book and I'm excited to see how it will pan out. And since I've recruited her to the dark side, Dawn will be right there with me. See what Twilight does? It brings people together. You go, Twilight.

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