Friday, May 22, 2009


Like the kids of Laguna Beach used to say, we're dunzo. Today was the last official day of medical school. Well, actually not yet, I am actually sitting in medicine clinic right now, blogging since I have no one to see. I just picked up my cap and gown, I'm ready to go.

I feel like this day is really anti-climactic, since I've been waiting for so long. Aside from the obvious, like basic medical knowledge, taking a history and physical, and general diagnostic skills, I don't really know what else I've learned.

I have not changed that much since the beginning. My bedtime is a little earlier, I may not spend as much time on Facebook and I probably have outgrown a few items of clothing, but other than that, I'm at baseline. I've remained stable, which is a term we always use to describe our patients. It fits perfectly here...I've remained stable throughout the years. I certainly haven't achieved the inner growth and maturity that this school tries to force upon us with our touchy-feely courses (but, to be fair to myself, I think I was operating at a high level of maturity prior to medical school). I got older, and maybe a little bit wiser, but probably not. Let's be real here, I'm the same ole Orange County girl. Seriously, I just referenced Laguna Beach.

This was me four years ago. I used to have luster in my hair and eyes, and an all around youthful glow about me. Look at those chubby cheeks.

This is my residency picture from this year. I know it looks like I had rhinoplasty, but I assure you that I did not.

What I'm really proud of is the fact that I went to 40 concerts during the 6 years I was here...the standouts include Madonna, the Police, 311, Rilo Kiley, Something Corporate and most recently, Franz Ferdinand. It's important to me that I kept up my #1 hobby, music, while I was here. I saw the Trojans win the Rose Bowl. I met Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson (yeah, that was a long time ago). I traveled to Eastern Europe, Western Canada, South Africa. I matched in Otolaryngology.

The end of the year is usually bittersweet, I guess. People are all saccharine and emo, but I like to look at it not as an end, but as the beginning of real life. Real life starts now.

Actually it does, because the last patient was just grayed out as a no show. Stick a fork in it, I'm done.

6 year review in pictures and playlist to follow...

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