Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Official New Moon Poster

They released the official poster for New Moon, which is like only 6 months away tomorrow! I like the background and I like the way RPattz's profile looks (his jawline is killer). I also like the way Taylor Lautner looks, except that Jacob is supposed to be a bigger, badder wolf in this movie, and he still looks smallish compared to the already waif-like Edward. I think Kristen's face looks kind of strange, and I think she's a beautiful girl, but somehow they photoshopped her weird. I think it would have been better if she was staring at Edward, while holding onto Jacob between her and him, rather than at us. I also think RPattz's hand is awkward, and would be better if it was clenched in a fist to beat the crap out of Jacob.

Apparently, the trio of RPattz, Kristen and Taylor are going to be presenting the first footage of New Moon at the MTV Movie Awards which is next Sunday, May 31st. Until then, they are finishing up principle filming in Vancouver with KStew and TLautner while Robert Pattinson frolicks around the South of France at the Cannes Film Festival looking really sexy. His hair is growing back, but at least he's discovered some molding mud. They will be in Italy filming the Volterra scenes next week, then they'll be done. Then they'll be back pretty freaking quick, August 17th they start filming Eclipse, which was my second favorite of the books. The cast has signed on for all four movies, so they better keep this money train rolling.

Nine days until I'm done with medical school, not that I'm counting or anything.

Go Lakers!

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